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Academic member of Researsch Institute of Forest and Rangelands, P.O.Box: 13185-116 , Tehran


 Determination of medicinal plants growth under different water stresses could be well guidance for cultivation of resistant plants in dry regions. In numerous glasshouse experiments under Completely Randomized Design (CRD), 5 medicinal plants species planted separately. Plantago psyllium, Achillea millefolium, Salvia officinalis, Calendula officinalis and Matricaria chamomilla were treated by well water (FC), 75%FC, 50%FC and 25%FC. Total dry matter, root weight, root length, shoot weight and height of medicinal plants were measured and analyzed separately. All of water and water stresses treatments were significant different in 1% probability. Among the medicinal plants in this experiment, Salvia officinalis and Achillea millefolium had the best growth in all water stresses treatments and conserved their freshness under sever water stress. These species could establish as the resistant medicinal plants in dry region or water deficit. Other species also completed their life cycle under sever water stress.   


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